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Help us make a difference! For additional information or inquiries, contact us here or 615-982-6802.


April Grisham

Why do you volunteer? "I started volunteering at NMF in the summer of 2019 by reaching out to cancer patients in the BOW program. This is where I really find out what this amazing foundation is all about. It’s not just monthly gas & grocery cards. It’s about complete strangers who really care, who make sure these patients know they have a family here and have a complete support system through NMF. It’s helping with anything from buying a bed to having a complete Thanksgiving meal delivered to the door for over 100 families affected by this cruel disease."


Devin Breaux

What makes NMF different? “NMF is different in that we are more of a grass roots organization. It all started because of the love of one woman and the impact she made on other’s lives. There is also the strong connection to music, which most healthcare focused non-profits don’t have. It creates this unique blend of artistry and passion for the fight against Pancreatic Cancer.”


Marcie Ledbetter

Why do you volunteer? “I have always attended the Homecoming to show support for Nikki Mitchell Foundation. Then, in 2017, a very dear friend of mine got the news that he had pancreatic cancer...and in that very moment it became very personal for me! We desperately need earlier detection and more support to help save the lives of so many people. I'm a caregiver and it's absolutely heartbreaking to have to watch and try to take care of someone you love. All you can do is give them hope that one day others will not have to suffer as they have. Please donate your time and money - it really makes a huge difference in the lives of others!”


Abby Feferman

Why did you sign up? "I began volunteering for Nikki Mitchell Foundation in order to help people affected by pancreatic cancer and their families. My mom passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2016, and I would like to do whatever I can to support medical research for detection, diagnosis, treatment, and a cure. The passion and dedication everyone at NMF has to raising awareness and supporting research is inspiring!"


Molly Freel

Why did you sign up? "I started volunteering for NMF hoping to help change the lives of people affected by this silent disease. The sense of community, passion and effort that goes into everything this foundation does keeps me coming back!"


Natalie Bethune

Why do you still show up? “I have met some wonderful people and we are now seeing the fruits of our labor to touch the lives of those affected by pancreatic cancer.”


Karen Martin

Why do you keep coming back? "It's been so rewarding to volunteer around such positive and dedicated people. It's easy to become involved in so many ways, from administrative tasks to awareness events and fundraising. It is exciting to see that our works are making a positive impact on the lives of pancreatic cancer patients."


Karen Williamson

What does volunteering mean to you? “I felt helpless when my Dad was dying from pancreatic cancer. No matter what I did, it wasn’t going to change his outcome. With NMF, I am indirectly helping people going through the same things as my Dad. It’s therapeutic to me. It enables me to make a difference, thus overcompensating for a time when I was utterly powerless.”


Trisha Cargile

Why did you sign up? "Having a passion for something usually means it holds a special place in your heart or has affected you in one way or another."


Shana Cargile

Why did you sign up? “I was asked by my husband if I wanted to be part of the Nikki Mitchell Foundation. It didn't take me long to know that is where I belong. The people around me, the work the foundation does for research and to help the ones fighting an uphill battle is a few of the many reason I will keep coming back to volunteer. Fighting cancer is what I was put on this earth to do.”

Ed Whatley

“I became involved early on because of my longtime relationship with Jamey, his family and Jamey’s HEART. This year was very special as pancreatic cancer directly affected my family… The [golf] event gets better and better each year… [I] never dreamed we could reach that total! But then again–why not? Truly the sky is the limit!”

Beth Herald

“I volunteered again this year [at the golf tournament] because I had so much fun last year! I came by myself last year from Jasper, Indiana, and felt so welcomed by everyone I met.
I live in a town about the size of 16,000, and within the last couple of months I know of three people who passed due to pancreatic cancer. Another man I know is currently being treated. It means a lot to me that I’ve been able to tell them about the Nikki Mitchell Foundation and they have received assistance.”

Dawn Goodling

“I originally wanted to volunteer for Jamey Johnson and to support something he cares about. I go to a lot of his concerts each year. But, I also loved being a part of something that helps people.
I’m a nurse, so I’m aware of the issues patients endure medically. What stands out for me is the support Nikki Mitchell Foundation provides, outside of medical treatment."

David Dorobek

“I have learned a lot about the organization during the past few years of attending benefit shows in TN. The one that really hit home was hearing the patient talk before the show in Franklin, TN.
I am in the medical profession and have realized the need for more awareness and early detection of pancreatic cancer. I have had other types of cancer affect my life in one way or another, but not pancreatic cancer. However, I do feel a connection the more I learn about it and see what the Foundation does for the patients.”

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