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Hope Suite Hope - Patient Lodging Fund

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Pancreatic cancer is stressful enough, especially when patients must pay out of pocket to travel for surgery or a clinical trial.


Hope Suite Hope aims to reduce the financial burden of out-of-town lodging, so patients and their caregivers can focus on healing and beating this disease.

Hope Suite Hope provides funds for lodging and travel-related expenses to pancreatic cancer patients, so they can receive long-term, world-class treatment, anywhere in the country.

​How to enroll:

  • A patient advocate, financial counselor or nurse must send the application to NMF from the healthcare facility.

  • NMF cannot accept applications sent directly from the client. 

  • Within a week of receiving the application our patient liaison will contact the client to ask about their needs and answer any questions they may have. 

  • It is not a requirement for a pancreatic cancer patient to be enrolled in Nikki Mitchell Foundation’s Bridge of Wings program to receive assistance from HSH.

  • Email for a pdf application (or an online link for healthcare providers only).

“Since its inception in May 2018, we have sent many patients numerous times to comfortable hotels to ease the burden and anxiety of their situation. Our goal is to continue to work in tandem with Nikki Mitchell Foundation and help reduce some of the financial stress associated with pancreatic cancer."

- Lisa Eidelberg, Founder of Hope Suite Hope

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