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Center for Patient and Care Partner Engagement

Since Nikki's passing in 2013, the foundation envisioned a physical center in which patients and their care partners could seek counseling, financial assistance, peer support, patient advocacy, and more.

In 2021, Nikki Mitchell Foundation partnered with The Andrew Page Pancreas Cancer Fund to reimagine cancer navigation and enhance the patient experience. The realization that a virtual center would result in a greater impact, by the ability to reach more than a physical center, shifted NMF’s original direction.

By partnering with Dr. Andrew Page, a likeminded pancreas surgeon, The Center for Patient and Care Partner Engagement launched in 2022. This virtual Center encompasses NMF’s long standing patient financial aid programs, (Bridge of Wings, Hope Suite Hope, and Witches of St. Andrews), and the new peer support groups, (Nancy Lyle Ambassador Program and Thrive Together).


The center continues to expand toward its vision of providing compassionate support to all patients with pancreatic disease and their care partners.

Programs Offered 

The Center Leadership Team


Lindsey L. Manos,


Director, Strategic Innovation Center for Patient & Caregiver Engagement


Rhonda Miles


Nikki Mitchell Foundation


Dr. Andrew J. Page, MD

Piedmont Oncology


Lisa Eidelberg

Pancreatic Cancer Survivor

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