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Diagnosed: June 2014. “My journey was not about pity, it was about invoking inspiration which hopefully I continue to do! Pancreatic cancer forced me to leave my job of 18 years for which I enjoyed. I now pay it forward by speaking to newly diagnosed patients to relieve some fears, as well as dedicate time to raising awareness and funds for pancreatic cancer. I want more survivors and I want them SOON!! My children and their generation should never have to fear the words “you have pancreatic cancer”, and if they do, it will be caught promptly through an early detection test!”

Lisa Eidelberg


Diagnosed: May 2008. A wife, grandmother, mother, daughter, sister, and her childrens' biggest cheerleader.

Penny Barnes


Howard Young

Diagnosed: November 2002. Howard Young is an Atlanta Businessman, husband, father, and spokesperson for the Seena Magowitz foundation, and Pancreatic Cancer Survivor.

George Hillen

Diagnosed: May 2012. George Hillen is a Australian NT Police Officer. He climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with 2 other Officers, after the Whipple Surgery and Chemo. They raised over $130,000 because of that Awareness Climb.

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